Distance Healing

Distance Healing

Lincoln City may be its home, but Windhorse Healing Arts offers Reiki treatments and shamanic healing anywhere in the world through distance healing. You can receive Reiki and shamanism in the comfort of your home and not have to drive back afterwards.

How does this work? Reiki and shamanism are healing with energy. When you receive long distance Reiki or shamanic healing, healing energy is brought to you from the spiritual plane via a  practitioner. An analogy would be radios and radio waves. Radio waves are sent through the air and picked up by your radio.

Receiving long distance Reiki or shamanic healing is perfect if you are ill, experiencing limited mobility, do not have a practitioner in your area, or are drawn to work with a particular practitioner who does not live in your area.

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Windhorse Healing Arts

Windhorse Healing Arts
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