Free Ritual

Free Healing Journey for a Ritual

The free healing journey for a ritual is offered via email only and is limited to one question. Please email your question to: Include:

Free Ritual in the subject.

Your name, city, state and country where you currently reside.

How to format your question.

  • For best results begin your question with how or what.
  • Time as we know it does not exist in the spiritual realm. If you begin your question with when, you will receive a vague response.
Free Healing Attunement

Windhorse Healing Arts makes available a free Windhorse Reiki Healing Attunement to anyone, anywhere in the world.

What is a Healing Attunement?

A healing attunement is a high concentration of Reiki energy that can help shift illness, injury or emotional issues and help to invigorate your energies. A healing attunement can be effective in turning around physical and emotional imbalances. Healing attunements can also assist you with removing negative energy and thoughts, which will help you to empower your goals. The attunement takes only a few minutes.

What happens during a Healing Attunement?

While the client sits quietly, the Reiki practitioner performs a sequence of movements to attune the body to a higher frequency of energy. In this state the body is more receptive to healing and change.

How do I receive a free Healing Attunement?

To receive your free healing attunement email with Free Healing Attunement in the subject area. In your email include your first and last name, the city, state, country where you live, and a brief, one sentence description of the healing you are seeking.

The free healing attunement is offered by email only.

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