Reiki Treatments

All sessions offered are Long Distance sessions.  

Enjoy the nurturing, transformative energy of Reiki. Bring your body into harmony, restore balance to your mind, heal your spirit. When your body is attuned to Reiki it not only aids in healing your own body but encourages others you come into contact with to heal. As you heal your own body and change your energy vibration to a higher frequency, you will also assist in healing our planet, Mother Earth.

-- Introductory Offer: mention this website and receive $10 off your first 60 or 90 minute Reiki session.

30 minute session: ($30) This session is perfect if you have one specific area you would like to receive Reiki. An                                    example would a knee injury.

60 minute session: ($50) Enjoy this nurturing Reiki session. Relax, de-stress, heal and align to your life's purpose. 

90 minute session: ($75) This leisurely Reiki session is restorative, healing and perfect for addressing emotional       


Long Distance Treatment

What is the different between In Person treatment and Long Distance treatment?
A long distance treatment is as effective as an in person session. You may wish to schedule a long distance Reiki session if you in the acute phase of an illness. A Reiki session may reduce the length of time you are ill.

Windhorse Healing Arts

Windhorse Healing Arts

Reiki Master: 
Cheryl Winegar

Office Hours:  Monday - Saturday, 1:30pm - 7:00pm

You may schedule a phone session by:  Calling: 971 344 1979 
                                      Texting: 971 344 1979