Windhorse Sampler

This long distance session is a wonderful blend of Reiki and shamanism.

The Sampler is wonderful for those who are seeking to relax all aspects of their being, or those who are experiencing a healing crisis, or for those wishing to try a new healing modality. This truly is a healing session for the being.  Reiki to address the emotional, spiritual and energy body. Shamanism, offering healing on the spiritual plane.

The session begins with a consultation to create a clear intention and a focus question for the shamanic healing. The two-hour healing session begins with Reiki. This allows me to assess the physical body, begin clearing the physical body and develop a clear sense of direction for the shamanic session. Reiki clears the meridians and allows for healing of the energetic body prepareing the body so the being is truly open and ready to receive shamanic healing which is the final part of the healing session. The shamanic healing session is followed by a debrief. During this time we discuss our experiences during the session. You receive a healing story of the shamanic journey. What shamanic healing occurs will depend on the intention. You may receive a spirit helper who offers to you at this time, a ritual to assist with changing a habit, information or instruction.

The total session length is 2 ½ to three hours and costs $150.

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Windhorse Sampler

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Windhorse Healing Arts

Windhorse Healing Arts
Shamanic Practitioner: Cheryl Winegar
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Monday - Saturday, 1:30pm - 7:00pm

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